Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Henry (dave & kate niska's), Trenton (Ann & Jim Janckila's), Ian, (Jake & Brita Darland's)
Dorothy & Emil Johnson's gr/gr kids...Virginia, MN
from Dorothy

Whoooooooo's dis?  Got some very silent late night visitors last night!!!

Pic.from Elaine Wanhala's collection....boy there's a bunch of handsome young'uns

Me & my twin brudder Earl (lives in California)

Looks like this garage in Hubbell dressed up for Halloween, too

        I'm gone to orlando for a week, so no new pics. till i get back.
        hope the super-storm sandy doesn't deter our flying out of 
        Milwaukee!  (but you can send me some more pics to post!)

Saturday, October 27, 2012

Services,  Williston,No. Dakota, another one below
sent by Wally

Wedding of Denise & Daniel Woodford tonight...Oct. 27, 2012

Fancy wedding guest, Zoey Benda peeking at me, daughter of Nels & Heidi Benda

Amy & Kevin  Isaacson

Some kitchen servers at the wedding:  Amy Johnson, Naomi Leukema, Diane Larson &  Carrie Huuki

Services in Williston, No. Dakota with Rick Eskola
few visitors were there...quite a bunch there, it's great to have christian companions!!
pic. from wally

Services in Longview, Washington recently:
Gene Martini, Lisa (Anderson) Andrews, son Adam,  John , Diane & Brynn Taivalkoski , Rita Walker, Roland & Anni Hill, Jim & Karen Randell, John & Anita Koski, Phil & Sarah Dahl, Janet, Susan, Roger & Kevin
pic from Sarah

I appreciate all the pictures sent to this blog...thanks!!

Amie, Liza & Cassie helminen in Alaska this summer
photo from dad Dan Helminen

Two of the best buddies you ever did see!
Darren Berg (son of Pete & Tanya) and Pete Torola, (son of Dave and Ann)

Saturday, October 20, 2012

Three generations:  Donny Pennala, Chet and Brandon Pennala

On August 14 of this summer, Donny and Loretta and family made the trip to Colorado to play in the mountains for two weeks. The two married children came also, Brandon (Leanne) and Shannon (Kevin).  Brandon and Leannes' boy Chet (5 months) also came along.  All drove, except Kevin and Shannon who flew.  

We hiked and climbed in Rocky Mountain National Park, and stayed in Estes Park, renting a cabin.  Our journeys took us hiking in the middle of the night, to mountain peaks, mountain lakes, across tundra, along streams, through boulder fields, to waterfalls, and down glaciers.  

All in all, we hiked 90 miles, gaining 25,900 feet in elevation.   Here are a few photos from the trip.

Needing a rest?

Stick to the right

At the top...

Going down the glacier...some slid down

Beautifiul waterfalls
Not All went every day, some stayed at the cabin
what an awesome trip, pics sent by Don Pennala

Recent trip out west...Helen Pietila, Maryjean Daav, Don D, Carol Jurmu, Verna Daav
pic from verna

Stopped overnight in Menahga, had breakfast at the Cottage House  restaurant
with Hazel & Art Skoog,  Lowell & Karen Skoog
pic. from Verna

Saturday, October 13, 2012

Grandma Shirley Keranen and two aunties  at the shower for Mindy Anderson, celebrating her addition to Marne and Dean Anderson's family

Hosteses Rudy Roepke, Amy Hyrkas, Sarah Kariniemi and Elaine Wanhala
Shower was huge, and happy for Mindy and her new family

The star of the shower, Mindy Anderson
shower was at Ahmeek community hall recently

A few pics from the church building in Howell, downstate

roofing...looks like a bunch of ants on the roof


Another view

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Beautiful scene from Fire Hall Rd, Liminga area
These two pics sent by Mike Watkins from Mpls.

Awesome Traprock Valley Scene from Mike Watkins
Mike is Chris (& Brian Miller) dad, mother is Marie

Sunday, October 7, 2012

Mikko sent me these pics. from his Canada trip for services  These people are the Bunches, children of Walter & Vivian Bunch, who have long since passed away.
Joyce Mah, Judy Marcinek, Janice Dietrich, Wanda Peterson, Cheryl Shafer and Don Bunch

These girls attended Canada services:
Janna Daavettila, Shannon Harmala, Trisha Wesa, Kara Impola

Ann, Dave Torola, Ryynanen family, out on a color tour walk to Bear Bluff out of BeteGris last weekend.  Photos from Dave

At the top of Bear Bluff

Johanna (ryynanen) and Matt Seiter and baby Casey at Bear Bluff

Dave & Ann's Janey, and Jean & Tikki's Lindsey, Bear Bluff

Helminen-Torola boys at top of Mr. Drive

Several families color-toured Mr. Baldy
Beautiful weekend for all ...end of Sept.

photos from margie

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Emily and Neil Ylitalo wedding, Oct. 30, 3012,  son of Mari & Ross, daughter of Janie &  Mark Haataja.  Photo by Mari.
Bret & Kassie Sheffer with Grace, Ella, and twins, Graham & Miles
They live downstate, Bret is the son of Sarah &; Ralph. Photo from Sarah. (sorry I couldn't get this pic. in the right place...not computer savvy)

Girls at the wedd?, Harmala, Kangas, ?, Helminen, ?

cousins, Julia Helminen, Brian Torola, Becky Kangas, at Ylitalo wedding

.Emily and Neil...check out the "after the wedding shoes"

Emily and her attendants
(last 4 pics from Julia Helminen)

Carl Daavettila...with his elk...est. over 1000 lbs.  (Wyoming) shot at 40 yards, a herd bull with 7 x 7 rack.  Had to be cut up in order to haul it out.  Photo From Don d.