Sunday, April 29, 2012

Darlene loving up a miniature horse.  One man with a miniature horse told us that they are just like dogs, follow them all over, likes lots of attention.
Miniature horse association of wisc.  showing off their horses in the arena
Horse shoe making competition; had a digital clock ticking while the blacksmithing was going on.
More horseshoe making; the next day they had horseshoe competition shoeing the horse.
jousting with huge swords...their maile (sp?) was real, and when one guy was knocked off his horse, his metal was so heavy, he had to have help getting off the ground.  two guys on the horses would race toward each other, and attack with a sword.....swords were about 5 ft. long.
Draft horses pulling an old fashioned buggy
part of the finale of the "epic night of the horse"...
more "epic night of the horse"...told the history of all kinds of horses thru the ages, plus their performances, etc.

Friday, April 27, 2012

Paul and Peggy Johnson....digging bk in my files
Golf shores, Alabama gathering
This was sent to me from downstate...anybody know who they are?  I think the one kind of hidden on the right is Charlie Soronen, who was nicknamed "Sakky Kalle" cuz he was an electrician.
Kangas, Helminen and Ruonavaara boys at Edney & Betsy Kangas's recently
Paul Bylkas and Doug Edwards, the Bootjack dignitaries.

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

there's gonna be a lot of horse pictures this coming on the pics. to enlarge them.  this horse is Jake, one of the largest ones i have ever seen. This horse is the largest recorded in north america..carrie's horse many years ago was 17 hands high, and this one is 221/2 hands high.  He is a very loving horse, you can see him rubbing his nose on margie and joyce.  He enjoyed all the attention from all the people.  (we attended the Midwest Horse Fair in Madison, WI this past weekend for 3 days.)  Each group of horses had their "associations", the mule ass'n. of WI, the Draft horse ass'n., the buckskin, stallion, quarterhorse,  mustangs, miniature horses, tennesse walkers, fresians (my favorite along w. the draft) and even more.  There was all kinds of workshops on how to train, shoe, clicker training, beginner trick riding, etc, etc.  I love horses (actually any animal), so thoroughly enjoyed everything....except climbing the stadium steps  both nights, cuz we had the cheapest seats so we were way at the top.  all the workshops were held in different barns, but the stadium held the main and largest demos, showing the diff. horses, then a rodeo, and  "epic night of the horse" which was a program on all the diff. horses.  Opened with the marine colorguard, which was very moving. We could sit anywhere during the day, but had to have seating at night.  I ain't too good on steps anymore in my old age.  whew.  but it was worth it.
horse soccer....the funniest thing i have ever seen....the horses would actually kick the ball, sometimes the ball was wedged between them, and could go no where so they had to keep shuffling till the ball got out.
my cowboy, stanley helminen....he was in his element there.  entered a drawing for $1 (which i gave him) and he hopes to win the baby draft horse to join the helminen's other two horses named Dingo and Charliehorse!!!!!

mounted police, used for the fair, but also used in madison...draft horses

this girl showed how her dog herded up the cows....she could either do a series of whistles, or oral commands.  it was awesome to see her tell the dog where she wanted the cows....commands were left, right, back, sit, etc. and the dog would immediately do it.  dog is a border collie.
bottom pic., indians doing their entrance dance.  (lots of cauterwalling, if you ask tune at all)
more gypsies, all with their draft horses
gypsy on her horse, riding barefoot and bareback
more draft horses with another old fashioned wagon
                                      draft horses pulling this old fashioned buggy...awesome sight

                                  girl came flying into the arena really fast with her draft horse,
                                   with her hair and skirt flying in the wind...beautiful
                                         "cavalry" group walking around during the day
                  more of the australia horses                                            margie, joyce, stan, dars, me

This man is from australia, has trained his horses to do all kinds of things, calls them sweetheart, dahling, all kinds of lovey names.  here he had the horse lay down and he laid down with him...bottom pic. shows how they are trained to gallop together side by side.  If he wants them to stay still in one place, he just touches their forhead and they stay there.  he did all kinds of actions for us, it was awesome to see.

Monday, April 16, 2012

pictures from So. Carolina, end of march 2012

succulent plants at the artfair
Reino's outdoor patio and Carroll's is "Lunta"
Cherokee rose, so. Carolina state flower
Carroll and Reino...he made this cute easter bunny for Carroll out of things in the yard
Me playing a "bowed psaltery" ...a violin type bow, and easier to play than a violin..could go tunes on it easily, while the guy accompanied with a guitar
we went to the art fair early, while it was still being set up and to beat the heat and crowds
some more art fair
Azaelia's blooming
Beautiful flowers at the art fair, so. carolina

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Abby Storm, Jenna Hyrkas, Mary Helminen, Kathleen Helminen

Julie Helppi and baby Ken
Jim & Karen Randell recently went to Phoenix, AZ for services. They sent this pic:
Front row, Elaine Saari, Ron & Ann Kannanen, Dean Falls, Esther Falls,
April Granroth, Karen Skoog, Sara (Hermanson) Dimaano & boys, Val Lasanen, Rachel (Lasanen) Augustine, Wyatt & Sadie, Hannah Kangas, Natalie Dunstan, Katrina Niemi, Malia Pennala. (Not in order)
Liza Helminen from Mrqt. (Dan & Heidi's baby)
Greta (Hyrkas) Kinnunen and Cody
Hyrkas gang at Deck's in Traverse recently
Christi (Hyrkas) Warner and her two pugs, one's name is blossom, i forgot the other's name
She was home recently from Lansing for a visit

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

This is our family (Pete and I), we lived in Mpls. at the time...pic. of our home on magnolia lane in plymouth.

more oldies

Monday, April 9, 2012

Oldies sent to me from ND

Sunday, April 8, 2012


This massive live oak is a native tree found throughout the "low country"..It is estimated to be
between 300 to 400 years old. The name is after the previous owners, Justice & Martha
Angel. The height is 85 feet, circumference is 25.5 feet, area of shade is 17,000 sq. ft
and the largest limb circ. is 11.25 feet, lenght 89 feet. Johns Island, So. Carolina