Saturday, May 28, 2011

Bunch of beautiful maids together

Joyce, Margie and Lynn...with The Car topiary

More of "the car"

26.2 mile marathon...

Jennie Kangas is the instigator of this marathon...26.2 miles..started at Gregory Rd., Lake Linden, finished in Chassell where they had lunch at Jennie's
They began running after the pledge of allegiance and singing the nat'l. anthem
This is the second year for the marathon, and more went this year.

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Really good mexican horn, couple violins, couple guitars, and notice the different guitar...had a bottom that was shaped outward....the sound was a bass. The men had awesome voices, and their harmony was perfect. Really enjoyed them!
Glassblower at Epcot

Me and Walt at Epcot

Snow white and the seven dwarfs...topiary
at Epcot
more great plant forms, or "topiary" at epcot

Acapella choir singing patriotic songs at Epcot in the USA country area
Awesome singing!

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Bride & groom, married Sat., May 21st in Calumet
Laura (Hyrkas) & Keith Narhi

Ellen Ylitalo and mother of the bride, Lana Hyrkas

Grandparents of the groom, Dick & Marianne Wuollet

Me and Molly Ylitalo

Roy Narhi, father of the groom and friend Tricia

Ross & Chester Ylitalo

Grandparents of the groom, Sheldon & Eda Narhi

Parents of the bride, Lana and Ken Hyrkas

Carl and me

Brian and Margie's gang at the pool

Beautiful giant fake tree, with all kinds of figures in it; about 20 ft around and 30 ft. tall!

Spoonbill bird building onto her nest...3 eggs on the nest. another nest on the right.

Dave and Ann's gang at the pool

Friday, May 20, 2011

Let's take a break from disneyworld for 3 pics.

David & Liz (Hyrkas) Anderson, married May 14
parents of the groom, Trudy and Wiggy Anderson

parents of Liz, Paul & Joanne Hyrkas
Walt & Lynn's gang at the pool

some of the gang at the pool

animal kingdom parade

another parade, guys on stilts
White rhinos, animal kingdom safari

On a safari, animal kingdom

Rowena, Isis & Nina (wally's girls)

Making "down under" music...drums and bells

With Big Chief Whatchacallet from Kenya

I'm doing this backwards: this is us after the white waer ride....very wet, especially Brian!
a way to cool off, you really get wet

watching rafts, we're next

Buckling in for white water

Getting ready for white water!

Dars & Janie

Leo, Carjie, Walt & Epcot, deciding what to do next

Monday, May 16, 2011

More pics from Orlando trip....

Bunch of us at the China entrance, Epcot
Are the boys in front tired?
Goes to show you, you can beat on anything and make music! They even beat on the covers of the cans, notice knee pads on the guy on right...they smiled all thru the performance, you could tell they wer having a ball!

Street performers, Epcot...fantastic drumming on galvanized pails and garbage pails...they were so good, I thought they were a professionsl drum & bugle bunch!

A fairy topiary
Boys at Epcot with beautiful flowers

Boys taking off for a ride....

Petey snoozing on dave's -er--pillow?

Waiting in line for a ride to outer space!

Another group pic from another camera

Dave & kids at Epcot..."trees" made from pots of flowers were spectacular