Saturday, February 25, 2012

I am happy when people e-mail me pics for this homepage! Thanks!

How's this one? Me playing the piano, Jeanette and Eva singing with the mike
Oldie mouldie's singing Oldies...(notice the color of our hair! goes to show you how long ago it was) And DIG those glasses! Haw!
New baby one week old, born to Joe and Kathleen (Haataja) Helppi
who live in brighton, mich.
an old Schlatter's picture...Joe Eskola, Dan Halonen, Phil Halonen, Mark Kangas

Helvi & Wes Kangas' painting that I gave them many years ago
watercolor, lady slippers, thimbleberry blossoms, clover and daisies

Betty (Hendrickson) & Dave Oja's 50th wedding anniversary celebration recently
in Menahga, MN
10 of the 12 Hendrickson's who attended the party
Gladys Martin, Jim Hendrickson, Martha Pinoniemi, Russell Hendrickson,
Mary Peterson, Peter & Arnie Hendrickson

Betty & Dave and grandkids

Colin & Julia Anderson, newlyweds

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Phil just GOTTA have his naptime, birthday party or not! He made a few zzzz's, woke up and continued to visit. That's relaxed....or just tired???
Molly Koskela & Colleen Erva
Janie and Len Torola at Paul's 16th birthday party this week
The Hot Tub girls at Dave and Ann's...Emilia Sturos, Lizzy and Maddie Torola and Ellen Sturos
Nice name, Ellen....Peter baptized babies for 32 years and Never baptized an Ellen for the first name!
babies "out to lunch", says Mikko
Rousu, Halonen, Huotari and Ylitalo

Ann Torola's birthday cake, w. Peter and Maddie

Ann Torola's birthday ladies

3 Little Sweethearts at church...couple of Kero's and not sure of the other

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

happy valentine's day y'all!

Irene Frantti and her beautiful blooming amaryllis!

Pic from clyde, the newsman from Mrqt; a scene of his mining days in the CC.
He worked in the Centennial #2 mine in 1960-61
Shown is the man car the men rode down the shaft. Battery lights were attached to the mining hats. (you young'uns ain't got a clue)
Evelyn Helminen sent this picture of a valentine tradition in Armenia. You light a fire and jump over it. If you catch on fire, you will get married in the coming year. Usually the fires are of hay, and small, but some of the boys will light a sack of tires on fire, and jump over it after the fire has burned down a bit.

Saturday, February 11, 2012

last Mon. night little services & communion at Med. Care in Hancock w. coffee after

My golfing buddy, Enith Juopperi

Sisters...Betty Parski & Marie Cooper (standing)

Laila Liimatta & daughter Vicki Mikkola
Three "old" (I really mean it) friends...Lana, Irene and Me
Julia Hongisto
Hilda Hyrkas

Thursday, February 9, 2012

This from the Mrqt. meteorologist Clyde....we have had a crazy winter with our weather!
My gr/grandson Tyler Lupinski's 3rd BD last mo.
...he put all those
candles on the cake

From one end of the USA to the other: South Padre Island Gang

First half
the other half of the gang

the Florida gang at Acadia Nat'l Forest last month

Mary & John Hannus, Gordon Heinonen, Bill Niemi (behind), Marilyn Heinonen
Ann Neimi, Vic & Sue Pietila, Lorraine & Bob Torola

Saturday, February 4, 2012

Another birthday bash for Ellen: Anna Anttila, Katherine Johnson, Judy Roepke, Marianne Peterson, Ethel Eskola, Carol Jurmu, Me (Judy made delicious angel food cake with real whip cream! Yum!
Ladies at Don D's:sitting: Dorothy Poyhonen, Jeanette Kangas, Lana Heinonen, Carol Jurmu, Marie Cooper; Standing, Me, Janet Storm, Hazel Johnson, June Storm

A bunch of us at Don Daavettila's last Friday night:
Front: Don, Ray Poyhonen, Vernon Kangas, John Johnson
Standing: David and Aaron Storm

The following people didn't cook last Friday night, they ate at Applebee's

Paul & Marilyn Kilpela
Billy Dunstan, Timmer & Shannon Loukus

Colleen & Jay Dunstan, Jeanie Dunstan

Ellen Rousu's 90th birthday party, Delano, MN:
Front: Larissa Barta, Judy Wikman, Ellen, Deb & Ron Rousu, Amy Rousi
Back: Tim and Maryellen Eskola