Tuesday, April 30, 2013

My grandkids skiing at Mt. Bohemia

Brian (Margie's) and kids, Stan, Bruce, Brian, Darlene, Joyce
at the top of Mt. Bohemia on a golden day, best skiing all winter, warm, no jackets

Group of kyds from church from the tri-state area on a ski trip to wyoming last month.
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Saturday, April 27, 2013

at the Cayman's, in about 95 heat and humidity...

Underwater Seaworld observatory;  it felt good to get out of the heat!

There was a scuba diver feeding the fish...there were so many fish, that you could hardly see the diver.  You can see his hand right in the middle, touching the glass.

Ship Auditorium for nightly programs

There were 300 children on the ship because of the holiday.  They put on a circus for us..tenpinn .jugglers, scarf jugglers, little tigers (3 to  5 yrs olds. with tails and ears and whiskers and each one had a chance to "roar" into the mike) tricks, etc.  Very cute.  Here they are on stage at the end. (Not all 300 kids participated)

This man played the piano and sang every night.  He played beautifully, and when he sang, he would insert his own words sometimes....quite a commedian.  I really enjoyed the piano playing.

Carrie getting a foot lesson in the gym

This was awesome, per usual....one night of the trip ya gotta have one of these.  There was every kind of chocolate dessert, huge carvings of birds, etc.

NEED I SAY MORE??? (chocolate buffet)  Verna and Carrie
Note on the restaurants:  When you walked in, there was always a worker there to spray your hands with antiseptic, and they would say in a singsong voice, "Washee, washee, happy, happy!"  We could hear it repeated over and over again during the week from the vacationers!  One evening, we heard a guitar and keyboard playing a song as we entered the buffet and it was the workers singing a crazy song about washee, washee, happy, happy.  Very cute! (There were wash stations all over the place...the kind you put your hand under and the "washee" would automatically come out.)

Relaxing on deck seven...Carrie, Lana, my chair, and Verna(people in the background are playing shuffleboard)

The cabin boys had this form of art...towel art.  Several nights we found an animal on our beds...and a chocolate, of course.

Sunday, April 21, 2013


Saturday, April 20, 2013

Leaving port of Miami

a tender docked at grand stirrup cay....kids slide in the background

A blown glass sculpture in the "atrium"...where the pursor's desk, tour desk, Wii games 20 feet square,
Huge room as high as  two decks.

12th deck of the ship...3 hot tubs, kids pool and slide, adult pool.
There were 13 stories on the ship.  Our staterooms were on the 8th floor.  Hospital on the bottom of the ship, big gym, spas, library, game room (monopoly, uno, etc., "quiet room", all kinds of nooks and crannies that you could be by yourself if you chose.  2 1/3 times around the 7th deck equalled one mile.  Ship is as large as 3 football fields.  Lots of people, but you never felt in a crowd except in the buffet line because the ship is so large.  This pic. was taken about an hour after we boarded, so is quite empty at this time.  This was a busy place also.

Getting off the tender to browse or sit on the beach or snorkel on Grand Stirrup Cay

me, lana heinonen, carrie hyrkas and verna daavettila went on a cruise in april out of the port of Miami, on Norwegian cruiseline.  This is another Norwegian ship pulling out to sea behind us.

We were leaving Miami right after this ship

Grand Stirrup Cay of the Bahamas...lots of souviniers if you wanted.
                             We had four ports of call; ship had 2900 passengers not counting crew.
                             I chose Norwegian because you didn't have to dress up for dinners.  We chose to eat in the
                            buffet restaurants.  Very relaxing.  They had 9 restaurants, chinese,italian, high-class, etc.
Testing the waters...Carrie, Lana, Verna

Neat wheelchair for the beach

Lana and Verna...Lana taking a shot of our ship as we head to the island on the "tender"

Pic. taken from 7th deck...boarding a tender to take a bunch to shore.
You didn't have to go ashore if you preferred to stay on the ship.

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

The one picture shows the Yellow (Minnesota boys) and Blue (Michigan boys) after the final game.
Michigan won 2 of 3 games (6-4 MI, 4-3 MN shootout, 6-3 MI) to take the cup back from Minnesota, the 2012 champions.
Sam Moe and Tim Moe officiated.

The Old Bucks in white were the champions from their own tournament featuring 4 teams.
They are comprised of players from around the Minnesota area.

The tournaments were held this past weekend, April 12-14 2013 in Minneapolis at the Plymouth Ice Arena Complex.
(sent by Paul Heltunen...I don't know a thing about hockey!)

Monday, April 15, 2013


APRIL 13, 2012  

Doug & Annette Roiko (parents of groom)

Dan & Sarah Aho, parents of bride

Two grammas, Bette Skerbitz and Lempi Roiko



Thursday, April 11, 2013

Out west again, Portland: Shawn Sturos, sister Cookie, cousin Sharon (olson) Sturos, me

Earl & Sharon Sturos, Cookie, Me, Shawn

Verna Daavettila's 80th birthday

                                      Bunch of girls, related to Daavettila's
This little girl is Emma at the party.  Just as i took the pic., she started grunting, as you can see by her expression.  Someone suggested we call her the "party pooper"

Here are the "Q-tips", as we were called in So. Padre Island, Texas.  You don't know what a Q-tip is?  It's retired people with white hair and white tennis shoes.
Maria, Marianne, Elaine, Carol and me