Wednesday, March 29, 2017

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Really nice pool.....heated. Another one on the other end of the resort.

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Excercise class...give er tar!

March 22, 2017
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So this is today's Saga. we decided we needed a few groceries
so we were going to walk to Walmart. Before we got out of
 the park cookie decided she was going to hitchhike so we
could get a ride there. Most of the people leaving we're going
 to the same square we were because that's where they all go
 for breakfast and to shop. But she made a big mistake when
 she stuck out her thumb. she was smiling so everybody
thought it was funny and were laughing at us, hence no
 ride. So we walked the mile there which was no problem.
 After shopping, we went to the Sunflower Cafe and had
 breakfast, then to the bus stop because we were going
 to take the bus home as our groceries were kinda heavy,
 especially cookies bag of navel oranges. But we were
 waiting for the bus, Ellen Ylitalo, and no bus came. we
would have had to wait one more hour so we got on our
 imaginary horses carrying our bags of groceries and
started walking home with many rests in between. As we
 were limping up to our house the neighbor guy said
anytime you want to go to Walmart just tell us and we'll
 give you a ride. NOW he tells us! we are tired but we're
 happy to be home in fact were too tired to Waddle to the
 pool to jump in and cool off. what a day. (Hey, I said we're
 happy to be here and VERTICAL!)

 March 21, 2017

A day at ft. Meyers beach and times square...a couple fr Israel, citizens now of Canada, guided us the way on the trolley...what an eye opener...(our resort is so nice and quiet.) Spring breakers as well as all ages in extreme stages of dress and not so dress....
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On the trolley

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Dig the name of this restaurant....eating outside while we ate
lunch. And people watched was fun...(eyepopping)
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The other side of the peir

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Bumper to bumper traffic coming into the beach
 area....(glad to be on the trolley)

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Cookie drooling over the chocolates!

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Beach scene....people as far as the eye could see

March 18, 2017
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This is what I meant by " flocking"...someone's birthday or 
anniversary....they "plant" a pile of flamingos in the front 
of their Ho me...the sign says "your Home has been flocked".

I thoroughly enjoyed this morning's walk...they're
 having yard sales...."heavy traffic"....bikes, walkers,
 motor scooters, golf carts, and a few cars...seems 
the whole community is on the move. Lost cookie at
 the first block and she's not back yet. I'm sitting on
 the deck w a cuppa, watching and in the sun!

March 16, 2017
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Today we were going to go swimming in the pool so we went
 there and they were having an exercise class in the water so
we joined them. Right after there was an aerobics water class
 so we stayed and did that too until we got so tired we had to
crawl out of the pool and rest. We walked home then and later
 decided to go to the library. We walked one way to the library
 and then we walk back to the main pool where the shuffleboard
 court was and we played shuffleboard for an hour, walked
back to our house. And that was almost 1 mile of walking
besides playing shuffleboard and exercising in the water. So
 we were absolutely bushed. We were groaning and moaning
 in the evening and it felt good to go to bed but what fun.
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March 15, 2017
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Our visitors...Clarence and Yvonne fisher fr Hancock, cookie,
Ray and Jaqi Kaipio....he was born in CALUMET, live
downstate.....we call him our knight in Shining armor.....drove
us to Wal-Mart for groceries ....(cousin to Yvonne)

March 12, 2017
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Craft fair at our resort....

Fun day in the sun...

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An anhinga (bird) drying his wings

March 9, 2017
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Impatience blossoms are in season now.....just got back from , "taking the bus experience" to the outlet mall....wait. Wait. Wait...25 min. Late....ok on the way back. Been dere, done dat. Pool time.

March 7, 2017
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Big joke down here

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I thought this was a snake skin but it's dried seaweed...on Sanibel island

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This is one of the two lakes at our resort...I walk
past this every a.m....when the alligators get over 4
feet, they are taken out. No swimming.

March 5, 2017
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Me and the Tulkki sisters, (gertie and Emil) at Sanibel island for the, Stephanie, Carla, Sally (Pete), cookie, Wendy...great day
 an unexpected treat as we don't have a car.

March 4, 2017
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There's lots of activities going on in this resort for 
seniors...this morning was a pancake brkfst, eggs, sausage,
 juice and much as u want. There's also tennis,
 horseshoes, swimming, hot tubbing, library, excercises, 
water aerobics, games, programs, pickle ball( like mini-tennis)
 garage sales, fruit mrkt., etc. Very friendly people..everybody
 says hi... Just did my mile walk...puff puff...
Hey, I like it here!

March 3, 2017
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Our home for a month in Ft Meyers Fla...
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First flight out of Marquette was cancelled because 
the runways were full of snow. We went the next morning
 fr iron mt so here we are in Florida and happy to be here