Wednesday, March 30, 2011

My gr/boys came to visit, and I must have driven them crazy...this is as they were leaving:
Karje Torola, Roger Helminen, Paul & Brian Torola
We had a nice evening, great that they came over to visit!!!


From left back, Michael Rahkola Dan Lasanen, Roy Bekkala, Katrina & Russell Helminen, Tim Taivalkoski (Holding Otto) Bradley Pietila, Gordon & Amanda Hellminen,
Middle: Kylie (gord & amanda's baby), Amber Bekkala, Karen Bekkala, Ethan Bekkala, Andrea Taivalkoski, Allie Pietila, Bekka Salmen (Leo's girl), Emily Skoog
Front: Mikko Halonen, Brenna & Katelyn Pietila, Olivia Bekkala, Joanne Taivalkoski
Bradley and Trisha Pietila in the middle

Monday, March 28, 2011

Icicles at Judy Roepke's apt. upstairs of me...there's a mountain of snow over the fence at the can just see the top of the school bldg. upper right. Do you think summer will ever come? Or will we still have snow the end of may???

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Margie's birthday party at the Hut today...Mar. 27

Margie is the big 50 today! Chowing down on ribs at the Hut

My campers this weekend in my living room....Brannon, Warren, Sven and Lowell...all Torola cousins. 1st, 2nd and 4th Carl's, Sven is Walt's

Little Ava Halonen, all decked out in pink!
(Lisa & Antti's)
Shanna Anderson (Becky & Doug's) and Glen Hyrkas (Carrie and Deck's) are engaged and will be married on July 30! (My gr/son)

Rosemary Torola's 12th birthday pyramid last week
Rosemary Torola (my gr/dau), won the Upper Peninsula's spelling bee...going to Washington in May for the National's

Thursday, March 24, 2011

An older photo...Judy Ruonavaara, sister Betsy Kangas , Sis-in-law Lana Heinonen & me
Doug Anderson, and ?Loukus at the Bi in Jan.
Lowell, Mallory Torola and Kiera Johnson
jan. 25, 2011 reuben Haataja birthday party
Irving, Reuben, Noah, Alex T, Braden Miller, Bruce Helminen, Anders (names mixeed)

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Our beloved past minister, Paul Heideman in his younger days

Sunday, March 20, 2011

I visited Reino and Caroll in No. Carolina for a week this month...great time, good weather!

Reino and his wife Caroll with the dogs

Reino in his garden...just got thru planting the height of his plant cages....he said the plants are like big bushes when full grown. beautiful day, Reino gardened, i sat and read and we visited all day. blue birds and red cardinals all around us.

Reino and Caroll's dog, "Yonder"....cute face!

Reino and his dog, Lunta...Dog is half wolf half german shepherd. Very docile and obedient dog. He's huge and all white.

In Charleston, N.Carolina, sightseeing, flea market...Me and Caroll, Reino's wife

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Visited the botanical gardens in Melbourne...Jane and I loved it. (I was there for two wks, and did a bit of bumming, including the zoo)

Sis Jane and gr/daughter Meghan who lives with Jane for now.
Jane lives in Viera, Fl, between Orlando and Melbourne.

Me enjoying walking in the ocean at Cocoa Beach

Me and my sister Jane at Cocoa Beach...we heard the shuttle break the sound barrier, and then saw it come down....awesome.

Meghan's dog found Jane's cigarettes and was running around with one in his mouth! Crazy!

Jane and "colt" in her back yard

Sandhill cranes in Jane's back yard. One day the
waterway was filled with different kinds of cranes and about 100 white pelicans...and me with no camera.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Kathy (Torola) Tarnowski baby shower (baby # 6)

All the rellies: top Barb Korkko, Phyllis Tarnowski, Ann Bimberg, Esther Torola, Bottom row , first two are barb's girls, 2nd two are kathy's

Ann Bimberg, Kathryn Lassila

Three glam gals...aunties Judy Haataja, Lana Heinonen, and Me

looking at baby gifts..Betsy Kangas, Margie Helminen
Lynn Mortberg, Carol Berg, Lana Hyrkas

Auntie Claire Korkko and niece Jenna Tarnowski

At Kathy's baby shower...Chris Miller, Marce Halonen and ? Sturos

Kathy Tarnowski with daughter Jenna at her 6th baby shower last mo.