Thursday, August 30, 2012

This is from Evelyn Helminen who is in the Peace Corps in  Armenia.    Several members hiked over 200 miles this summer, half from the south northwards (from the Iranian border), and several from the northern border, near Georgia.  She was on the team from the north.  This t-shirt shows the map, and their stops along the way.

This is the whole team, Evelyn is 3rd from top right.  The team met in a central town in Armenia, 3 weeks from the beginning of their hike.  They stayed with other volunteers along the way, or camped out in tents.  During their hike, they taught  interactive workshops for children and community members about reducing waste, maintaining a healthy diet, regular exercise,  and avoiding cigarettes and alcohol.  Over the course of 3 wks, they  taught over 800 kids in 18 towns and villages.  A lot of Armenians invited them in for coffee, gave them  bags of cherries and apricots, and/or honked at them when they were driving by.  Most didn't understand why they would do this crazy hike, but once they explained their mission,  they supported what the team were doing.

An Armenian girl trying out Evelyn's backpack.

A beautiful field of wildflowers

A puppy the team rescued
This is Evelyn's team, she is in the blue shirt

Cousins from the Kangas clan.  My father  Reino Kangas was uncle Wes's brother, and Aili Anttila was his sister.
Beatrice Bekkala, Vivian Huotari, my brother Jerry Kangas, Uncle Wes Kangas (91 yrs., and only sibling left), me, (oh, well) & Anna Anttila

Saturday, August 25, 2012

/Brian Helminen w. a 10 lb. laker out of LacLaBelle

Calvin Helminen is all smiles with a 15 lb. laker in BeteGris (Lac LaBelle)
Can't imagine why the big grin???
pics sent by brian

pic sent by grace and bob niemela, randells...pic. came blurry, sorry

50th wedding anniversary of Pat & Dave Pieti...with the grandkids
pic. sent by Kristi Kesti

Pieti's grandkids doing the big jump...really a unique pic!!!

Helen Pietila with her 100th grandchild.  Emily Kristine, daughter of Jim and Carol Halonen.  Pic. sent by carol

Sunday, August 19, 2012

Jerry Kangas (my brudder), Uncle Wes Kangas, Me on a windy day last wk

Frank Honkala at Goebic camping, showing how a Finlander lumberjack chops wood.
sent by Pete Kiilunen

Group visiting at church this summer:  Carol Helminen, Nancy Larson,  Kathy & Don Ranta,   Tim Cooper, Ruth Lindrus

                                Grace, Dolores and Clyde Randell

Wes Kangas' 91st birthday party recently

front row, Ellen (we were all laughing because of my timer goof on my camera), Andrea
Haverinen & baby Corinna, 2nd row, Wes, Jerry, Margie, Lynn Woodford, 3rd row, Preston & Marilyn (raudio) Langley, Anna Anttila, Julie Kangas, Brian Helminen, Martin Helminen, Dick Woodford...birthday coffee for wes in the "sitting room" at my place.

Monday, August 13, 2012

Pc. of Pete and me taken at applebee's....sent by dorothy johnson

Joyce Helminen's store in LacLa Belle...
Nina torola, darlene helminen, karli schwer, joyce, isis torola...cousins
Visit Joyce's store and find interesting things to buy!!! (Free Ad!!)
pic. by wally torola

Fishermen from Schlatter's....I think this pic. is from Jeanette Kangas
Don't know the kids, but parents will know

Another pic. from Schlatter's...tough guy?

Sturos family  (sent by Maria)  Pic. taken at the Storm reunion this summer.

Bob & Maria Sturos on their Honeymoon in Washington DC...1957?

Mara (Ryynanen) and Eric Sturos...married in July at Houghton church

Sturos cousins at the wedding!  Cute!  Sent by Mara & Eric!  Thanks!

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

                       Colorado mts., denver in the background....wally torola was in denver for some training with his company from north dakota.
Wally visited and toured with cousin Tina (Hyrkas) & Bob Zegel while in Denver.  They toured Mt. Evans, 14,260 feet, short of breath, saw bighorn sheep, goats, marmots, ravens...No trees, just lots of rocks.   (Aug. 2012)

Torola cousins:  Ylitalo (Mari & Ross), Kangas, (Aaron & Betsy), Taivalkoski, (Dave & Joanne), Isis, (Wally & Lynn)  2012 confirmation

Ellie Halonen (Phil & Marce's)

I went to the 4th of July parade with my grandaughter, Greta and baby Coty

Kangas kids and Kero kids, waiting for candy at the 4th parade in Lake Linden

Jim & Sara Kangas in back, also Matt Kero (& Lorene)

Super-John Westerinen in the parade with his old car.