Friday, December 30, 2011

At our christmas party, margie & brian found these old relics in the sauna, from way back when we all lived in their house and they were just young kids. ...the dipper and thermometer....broken....and full of memories. They were given to the guys to open by proxy for Wally. Wally is so kauhian sentimental, that the sauna stuff will be given to walt when he comes home next week from No. Dakota!

Me and half the grandkids, some great/grands...our Christmas party always held in the Mohawk gym. potluck, sing, skits from each family, and games. great time.
Partridge in a pear tree: we stand in a big circle, i play the keyboard, margie gives each group their number to act out for the's really hilarious.
Three french hens
Four calling birds
This pic. started when they happened to be sitting together as babies at one of our xmas parties. I take a pic. each year, with the kids in the same order. fun to see them grow.
Caterpillar game...two teams, pass an empty 2 liter pop bottle thru your legs, next one passes it over their head, hence the name....last one at the end of the row runs to the front and starts over....can go on as long as you want, or up to a certain line in the floor. the little kids really like it, and big ones join in with annual game.
Caterpillar game
Cody...Greta & Jeremy's baby, Randy and Greg Hyrkas in the bk/ground
Tina (Hyrkas) Zegel, Greta (Hyrkas) Kinnunen, Janina (Larson) Hyrkas, Ann Torola

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

engagement No. 4....any more?

Jim Dowd and my gr/daughter Marisa Torola
getting married in July

Sunday, December 25, 2011


Engaged this Christmas season:
Jared Hyrkas & Susan Sturos
Eric Sturos & Marissa Ryynanen
Chase Sturos & Carmen Heinonen

# IS 36 92468

couple more for the gingerbread party

having a sing-a-long after making gingerbread creations
Kiera Johnson (my gr/grandaughter) examining a house

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Pictures of our gingerbread making party, pete & I started it about 25 years ago

Steve, me & Paul (Had to leave early, so not in the big pic)
Ann, Petey, Maddie & Josie
Missy (Hyrkas) Lupinski and son Tyler (my gr/grandson)
the whole gang, minus steve & paul
Martin made a bird feeding station
Pam made a horse drinking from a trough, Cade made a big it wasn't just gingerbread houses this year
Pam, Isis, Joyce, Janie, me, Rosie, Nina, Darlene
Kurt, Kiera (gr/grand) and Selena Johnson
Rodney (from Menahga), Bruce, Trevor, Lizzie
Martin, Steve, Glenn, Paul, Julia, just getting started
A variety of creations, not even houses
Anna Anttila's birthday party recently; she is recovering for knee replacement surgery.

Saturday, December 17, 2011

e-mailed from mpls. area

Merry Christmas from the family of George Peterson . The picture was taken 12 days before George was called home, on Jan. 6, 2011. We thank God for all your love and prayers.

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Irene & Kirby Frantti...Merry Christmas
Eskola ladies party at Park Ave. this past Tues.

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Bunch of pics from last saturday in calumet

John & Maria Sturos having hot chocolate after the dogsled rides
the anderson clan...marne, sheri and kids waiting for a dogsled ride
Peter Torola visiting santa in Calumet last Sat.
Lizzie, Me & Janie loving up one of the sled dogs; the girls were ready to take him home.
Dogsled rides in the park...tons of people and fun
Lizzie & Pete on the dogsled ride
Trevor & Maddie on the dogsled
Amy Erkkila and daughter on horsecart ride
Dave & Ann & Kids going for a ride around Calumet
Madelyn Torola (Dave & Anne) with Santa
A bunch from the valley, out to enjoy the Calumet doings

Saturday, December 10, 2011

Pearl Loukus's surprise birthday party at Park Ave. last wk

Pearl & her cake with that crazy lady's portrait...was her name Selma Hagalaga? (oomlats over the "a's"...
Delish salad lunch brought by all: Linda Luoma, Carol Eskola, Judy Roepke, Betty Halonen and Cheryl Kangas (about 20 ladies )
WOW! Look what showed up for Pearl's party! We think it was her girls and in-laws...they spoke not a word while they were there!
Posing before they left
Anita Koski, Margaret Koskela, Norma Anderson, Helen Pennala at Pearl's party

Ethel Eskola, Marianne Peterson, Jeanette Kangas at Pearl's party

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Oops, I found another pic. from Bill Kero's bd party!
Walt & Ruth Maki
My grandson Glenn Hyrkas got this 10 pointer with a muzzleloader from his tree stand.
It was the biggest he's ever gotten. Second one of this an 8 pt with rifle.

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Pics sent to me: beautiful baby, Lucy Sophia Keranen, born 10-16-11
Baptized in church 12-4-11
Parents, Kevin & Janelle Keranen w. baby Lucy
Godparents, Caroline Pietila, Missy & Ted Keranen