Saturday, August 27, 2011

Janina Larson married my grandson Randy Hyrkas tonight, Aug. 27 in Houghton

Grandpa Rudy Larson
Bridesmaids, Andrea & Mandy, and ?Larson

Diane Larson w. her handsome sons

Cindy Hyrkas, daughter Elsa
Judy & Rick Eskola

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

This pic. was sent to me, labled "oldies", can't imagine why!
Al & Rea, Lor & Bob, Jeanette & Vernon
Shanna (Anderson)Hyrkas, Ylitalo, Tervo, Anderson

Sheffer girls, Jodi & Emily with the kids...Emily is holding Julie's baby
Carolyn Kangas, Sarah Sheffer, Janel Ryynanen & daughter

Carol (Bekkala) Kruse and Daughter Lilly, Delano, MN

Jeff & Anna Kangas with their little ones at Wyatt's baptism

Stanley Helminen with a 10 lb. bike
won it in the LacLaBelle fishing tournament
Calvin Helminen w. a 6 lb. pike

Clyde Randell w. a 5 lb. skunk

Brian Helminen w. 10 lb. laker
Gordon & Amanda's belated wedding painting
Hawaii (honeymooned there)

Sunday, August 21, 2011

try walking a mile in THESE shoes!!!!
End of summer, hard wear, still insists on wearing them!
Bruce Helminen
Julie & Wayne Isaacson from Menahga, MN

daughter Ruth, & George Kivisto

Jesse & Kaitlin (Pietila) Halonen recently married

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Us rellies at glen & shanna's wedding: sister Cookie Harju, Julie Kangas
Margie Helminen, Lynn Torola, me
Judy Haataja, daughter Laura Hill and Susu, Karen Kilpela and daughters

Bob & Betty Bellaire, up frm lower mich. for part of the summer
Anna Anttila & Ethel Harmala
playing way up in the organloft

bunch of our ladies at the heritage center, calumet

Monday, August 15, 2011

I played this really awesome pipe organ at st. anne's heritage center today
for one whole hour. it was wunnerful!!!!!

Sunday, August 14, 2011

New baby born in Alaska, Avery Douglas, on Fri., Aug. 12

And baby makes four: Gordon, Amanda, new baby Avery (boy) and Kylie
say "cheese", Kylie (gordon & amanda helminen's 1st one)

Interesting story about the ring that wally took a pic. of, found in the water in lac la belle, by sarah kangas, and which i posted on this page a few days ago.
Lana recognized it as Don's (her first husband, who passed away yrs. ago). To be sure, she looked it up in his year book. The letter that looked like "F" was actually a very worn "E", for Don's middle name. She can't remember when Don lost it, but it had to have been in the water over 35 years. Now that's a find, if there ever was one. Interesting?

potluck at the casita recently

Front row, Ethel Eskola, Marie Cooper
Middle: Judy Roepke, Barb Granroth, Maria Sturos, Beth Maki
Third row: Carol Jurmu, Kathy Johnson, Lana Heinonen

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Michelle & Rob Granroth, baby, Teri & husband
Steve & Kathy Tarnowski's baby Lila's baptism: Walt & Lynn Torola,
Trudy & Roger Haataja
Kinnunen bap
tism, Laho's, Kangas's, Poyhonen's
Lila Tarnowski's baptism's beautiful!
Pic. by Wally Torola
One of Jack Haataja's catch

Clyde's catch; fishing w. jack haataja/ bete gris

Saturday, August 6, 2011

Shanna & her mom Becky Anderson

Missy & Mike's Grant, all decked out for the wedding

Anderson cousins

Nellie & Mary, and their oven, Evelyn's host family in Armenia

Rachel (Leah's), Brian, Margie, Darlene & Noah (Leah's)

ann, paul and dave torola

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Neil with grandkids

Missy (Hyrkas), Mike, and Tyler

Grandpa Neil Hermanson, Shanna & Glen

All in the wedding party: Greg, Wayne, Carj (torola, usher), me, Glen, Randy