Friday, June 26, 2009

glen's record lake trout

Anyways here is the story of my fish:

Fishing may 24th, with Scott Hyrkas, Randy Hyrkas, Rob Bohlson, in the copper harbor-lake superior area. 32 pounds, 41.5" long. Caught on 6 ounce jig with smelt drift bobbing in about 140 feet of water. 30 lb. gorilla braid, 25 pound mono leader. jigging pole. 25 exciting minutes to reel it in.

I didn't know it was a big fish when it hit, because my first few reels turned the fish easily, but then it realized it was getting caught and started fighting. The slower thump of is head was another clue of its size. Scott watched my fishing pole bend straight down and had an idea what was going on. I got it close to the boat, until the fish saw the boat and then it swam all the way back to the bottom. I had to loosen my drag a little when it started going back down. Once it started peeling drag, everyone decided to reel in their lines to get it out of the way(when they realized what was going on). Then, I slowly reeled it back up. Scott netted the fish and then we celebrated with shaky knees. It topped my biggest laker by 13 pounds, so its going on my wall. We attributed our luck to our late start and our coffee break before we started fishing. My drive to keep fishing is to relive the excitement of catching another big fish.

Glenn Hyrkas

Monday, June 15, 2009

ryder cup

After 10 years the ryder-cup is no longer in Detroit, but back in Zion following their win last weekend.  

picture-1-  captains Doug Kastamo (blue) and Ron Linna (red)  Phil Lesperance and 3-Pellis behind.

Picture 2-   detroit in blue, zion in red/black

zion won ryder cup after 10 years

Sunday, June 14, 2009

wild turkeys at traverse-rice lake

these birds are seen on occasion in rice lake-traverse area


leah's address is:
leah schwer
1607 50th st
kenosha, wi 53140

martin and claus in kenosha

pete torola girls in zion city

kala and bob pelli in zion city

Thursday, June 11, 2009

casita pond

where the water and rocks and plants are ............

gram and ben's haley

Monday, June 8, 2009

once upon a time, many years ago when i was a little boy, i knew this little girl who lived on south florida st who was so poor because they didn't have much money. so when suppertime came usually in the evening, they sat around a pot belly stove heated with coal on cold winter nights and ate mustard and onion sandwiches. and i'm not making this up!!!! and if you don't believe me you just ask gram. so there, 
(by joyce helminen).edited by papa 

wedding helpers, tanx

brian and marg at russ wedding

trisha at russ wedding


Wednesday, June 3, 2009

sebeka kitchen crew, tanx

mattson, shirley josephson, diane skoog, kim ylitalo, tyyni salmen, tina hendrickson, karen skoog